17 Tips To Boost Your Business on Instagram : #GoLiveChallenge  2017

Why we are going Live on Instagram in 2017

You may have heard Instagram now has live video, to go along with their Instagram stories.


In 2017 we believe Instagram live video and stories are going to bring huge value to businesses and brands and we want you to discover that potential. You now have the opportunity to engage with your audience like never before.


The main reason you should be more active on Instagram in 2017 is because Instagram has the best engagement and reach among all social media platforms. People respond more, they tune in faster, you get noticed more on Instagram than on Facebook and Twitter. We are finding that to be true across all the Social Media accounts that we manage.


This is one of the reasons why we are choosing Instagram for this Go Live Challenge.Here are some quick Instagram facts(numbers approximate):


 Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users.

Instagram just reported (January 2017) Insta stories are getting 150 million views daily. This is quite an accomplishment being only launched now since Summer 2016. This number will only grow as so many users are already on the platform. How long did it take SnapChat to reach that number?(hint:a few short years)

The engagement on Instagram is 10 times the engagement on Facebook and 80 times that on Twitter.

A third of Instagram users made purchases online last year. This just means that more and more people are making more important decisions, getting all the necessary information they need, solely from their phones.


At the end of the challenge, we want you to see an increase in your followers, improved engagement, eventually more leads for your brand and just be more comfortable going Live for your business.


The Go Live Challenge


Go live on Instagram or share Instagram stories everyday for 17 days

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow us @fullofgracemarketing
  2. Comment “I’m Going Live!” on our Tuesday 1/17 posts (Linked below) and comment  & tag two friends
  3. Tag us in your Instagram stories & use #GoLiveChallenge
  4. On the last day post your Instagram Insights to show how it helped improve your Instagram game.



You can watch me live on Instagram for 17 days. #GoLiveChallenge 2017 Join the challenge here Tweet: You can watch me live on Instagram for 17 days. #GoLiveChallenge 2017 Join the challenge here @fullofgracemkt



We’ve put together some tips to help you. Come back and re-read these tips until it becomes a norm for you.

Instagram Tips and Content Ideas to Boost Your Following and Brand

Here are some Instagram tips you can implement as you begin your 17 day Go Live Challenge:

1.Just Go Live – Don’t Overthink It!

Going live on Instagram is like selling at a lemonade stand. When someone stops by, then you start a conversation. Some folks like this, since instagram live video is not being saved, as is done on Facebook Live. There is no replay. You can’t make a mistake. Just hang out there and talk to folks as they pass by. This is great to just get quick feedback from people on anything.

  1. How to go live- Go to your home screen on Instagram, click on the camera icon and switch to the Start Live Video tab. Go live! You can wait till you have at least one fan viewing before you start talking.
    going live on insatgram

2.Post to Insta-Stories Throughout the Day

You can post a story anytime, and throughout the day, you can add a video or a picture to that story. How about a day in the life of a business owner, from dawn till dusk?

3.Stick to a Schedule for going Live

Yes, you can go live at anytime you want. However it’s a good idea to develop a schedule so that users can know when to expect you to be on. Consistency is key. This leads to our next tip…

4.Switch to A Business Account

With a business account, you can also look at your Instagram insights and see what time of the day your users are most likely to be online and a lot of other advanced features for businesses. If you can go live during that time, great.  If not, then…..

5.Promote Your Next Live Broadcast

Post on your Facebook, Twitter or any other platform about your upcoming Live broadcast. You can also post a preview of your live broadcast to your Instagram stories, say the day before you go live. Create a certain time/day of the week to go Live every week and post on your Instagram timeline letting your followers know when you’ll go live. Give people a compelling reason to drop by. Not a must, but it helps.

6.Show off your Products

This does not have to be complicated or overly staged. Just show your product being used by someone. Remember, Instagram stories only last 24hrs, we’re aiming for brand and product awareness here.

7.Use hashtags, 30’s the max, use them all

Tip: If you don’t want to put all hashtags in a description, you can comment on your own post with more hashtags. I’m not kidding about using them all.  You can see trending hashtags and get ideas on

8.Creating a signature look on your Instagram

You can check out our Instagram theme or not to theme post here. If your brand has signature colors and you want your Instagram looking that way, go for it. It will look amazing.

instagram theme signature look on instagram


9.Don’t be afraid of filters

This ties into your theme, if you got a color scheme going, feel free to put a ‘purple’ (or your color) hue on mostly everything.

10. Share your drink of choice while working

You get the idea…..

11. Don’t be afraid to get in the photo

People love seeing a face behind the business. Photos with the owners in it always get more responses.

12. Share something interesting or unique about your business.

This is the information age. We love finding out new things. We are searching relentlessly for new information, just feed us. Something might be common knowledge for you, but to others, it might be intriguing.

13. Food! What yummy dish are you eating today? Share it!

There is a foodie in all of us. I may not always know what you’re talking about in your business, but I can relate to food, any day, and find you more ‘relatable’ as a result.

food on instagram

14. Share your go to device to work on. iPad/Tablet? Phone? Laptop? Desktop?

Where do you feel the most productive? Share it!

15. Give advice to others starting/considering starting their own business.

We are all in this together.

16.Tag locations on posts

You can tag your location, but better yet, if you’re out and about, tag other locations. Everyone can see who tagged that location. This is will help you gain more exposure.

17. Tag someone in your Instagram Story

Are you with a friend or talking about a certain event in your Instagram story? You can now tag that Instagram handle in your stories.  This helps your followers click and find that person or place you are featuring quickly in your story.


Bonus tip #1: Follow High Influencersturn on post notifications for high influencers

Following High Influencers gives your profile more reach. For those you are especially interested in, hit the ‘more’ bullets (top right corner usually) and turn on post notifications for them. This is also a good opportunity to see how they are using Instagram stories & Live Video. Learn, take action, and enhance your stories as you go.  


Need more ideas for Live Video or Instagram Stories?

  1. Show Behind the scenes
  2. Introduce your team
  3. Share a Promotion
  4. Record what’s happening in your location
  5. Ask customers questions!
  6. Get creative! Start a fun fact day or a quote of the day.


Bonus tip #2: You can Save photos/videos for Later on Instagram

Instagram now has a ‘save for later’ feature. If you see anything interested in your feed, you can save for later. This is not reposting.instagram tips to increase followers



@fullofgracemarketing will kick off the GO LIVE CHALLENGE for 17 days starting, 1/17/17, but you go live at anytime. Just tag us and if you haven’t already, send out the tweet below. See you Live!



You can watch me live on Instagram for 17 days. #GoLiveChallenge 2017 Join the challenge here Tweet: You can watch me live on Instagram for 17 days. #GoLiveChallenge 2017 Join the challenge here @fullofgracemkt


Did you find our tips useful? If there are any additional tips you want to add, let us know in the comments below.

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