4 Things You Need to Know about Influencer Marketing

How Much Do You Know About Influencer Marketing?


Remember the good old days of blogging on a website and connecting with your audience through relatable content? Well now is the age of the influencers who are connecting with their followers on social media through their talent; fashion, lifestyle, food, business, etc. Influencer marketing has become a billion-dollar industry which brands are using to their advantage to grow their customer base. Here is some information you need to know about Influencer Marketing:

Advertising Through Influencer Marketing

Traditionally, advertising through mass media was the most common platform that brands would use to connect to their audience and gain more customers. This would in turn drive sales which would allow them to invest in traditional media (TV, Radio, Digital). However, today with the growth of the influencer industry, it has become even more common for brands to pay for influencers to speak about or promote their product/service. This has proved to be more beneficial for brands since they are getting more people to talk about their product by creating engagement on social media rather than traditional advertising. Influencers can be anyone who has 5,000 to 5 million followers on Social Media. Influencers are acting as a mutual friend between the target audience and brands to amplify their message. Influencers also endorse the brand’s product or services which drives traffic to the company’s social media or websites.

The Role of Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are the primary platforms influencers are using to get their message out and connect with their followers in certain categories like fashion, lifestyle, travel or everyday advice and tips. One example is Irene Khan who began her career as a photographer and then started blogging even before social media was a big thing. She connected with her audience and starting gaining a following of thousands of fans by discussing her everyday life as a teenager. Now she is an influencer on Instagram who promotes products she uses by brands she loves and gets paid for it. This industry began as the simple idea of making relatable content to share with your audience that now has grown to a global platform through which these influencers are able to convince their followers to purchase products and services that are tried and tested.

How It Works

In this age, ads are generally ignored because people use social media actively and tend to trust the word of mouth from an individual they know or someone they admire. Influencer Marketing is basically a concept of placing a brand’s message or voice in front of a target audience through an individual they trust. Consumers respond to authentic testimonials or reviews rather than traditional adverts because these influencers have the power to influence and impact their followers through various types of content, videos, posts, photography, contests, giveaways etc. Unlike other marketing practices, influencer marketing is not advertising to customers directly; rather, it is through an individual that has the type of following that would be interested in the brand’s product or service.

Working with an Influencer for your Brand

Having an influencer promote the products or services for a brand drives sales and connects authentically with the audience they are targeting. However, promoting with the right or relevant influencer is just as essential to the brand. It should first be established if the influencer has gained credibility in the relevant industry or market and how they have previously endorsed products. It is crucial that you establish trust and a relationship with the individual to know how they will impact your brand’s message. Generally, the next step would be to reach out to the influencer to set an agreement and expectations as to how you want to go about the promotion or endorsement. Remember to make a mutually beneficial relationship, give them freedom as to go about their own creative way, and set goals of when you want the campaign to hit social media. Keep in mind that not all influencers work the same way so always be open to different ideas and methods.

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