Lockhart Law Firm, in San Antonio Texas, contracted with us to get them more exposure and clients in San Antonio and surrounding areas. 

A Few Challenges

We quickly found out how suffocating national Lawyer brands are to Local markets. It was a challenge to compete with budgets that run TV ads in prime spots, plus multiple bill boards in a localized area. It is also very competitive online, for example, if you are trying to bid for certain keywords for Ads, some might cost you upwards of $25 per click. That didn't deter us know, we love challenges and quickly got to work getting them new clients.

Our Solutions For Lockhart Law Firm

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Website Development

A new website was done for Lockhart Law Firm. One which showed her passion for Law and her strength. This is especially needed since we were about to drive a huge amount of traffic to her website.

Lawyer marketing san antonio

Social Media Management

We did an entire Social Media make over for Lockhart law firm. People like connecting with other people, and since this being a one Lawyer law firm, personal branding worked great for gaining traction on Social Media.

social media for lawyers san antonio

Website Traffic and Tracking

For Law Firms, we have found great success being able to track where your leads are coming from. This helps to know exactly where to spend more money. 

This we did with a few tracking tools including website visitor tracking and phone call tracking from the website and Social Media channels. 

Live website visitor session recordings

Other Solutions:

Local and On-site SEO

Digital Advertising

Monthly Reporting

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