Ozona Organics

Ozona Organics tasked us with building their brand, and getting their Probiotics products to market. 

The Challenges

We quickly found out that any health Influencer and prominent website were already owned by the big Pharma companies. Among other challenges as this being a digested product, people are very skeptical about buying new things online. These issues were somewhat mitigated, and sales started flowing in, by great Social Media branding,and credibility gained by a great web presence.

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Solutions for Ozona Organics

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Ozona Organics Instagram

Social Media Management

We created and setup their Social Media pages and Facebook group, and produce content to keep their channels active. We engage and chat with their customers and answer their questions.

This vibrant community created helped us with website traffic, credibility/branding, and served as a launching pad for any sales and promotions.

Recorded Website visitors sessions

Website Development

We installed the Woocommerce shopping cart and added a first class customer review system. Other tools were added to help optimize sales such as sales snippets. 

Custom programming was done as necessary to implement much needed features such as affiliate reporting. A CDN was implemented to deliver fast loading website to customers from all over the world.

An affiliate system was also implemented and programmed to meet Ozona Organics needs. This helped greatly with more people talking about the products with their friends, who they already trust.

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Analytics & Reports

We setup tracking on their website to link to all the tools that we use. This helps us identify where our sales are coming from, and, where and when we can spend more money in advertising. We also track visitor sessions to gauge user experience. (Click image to view larger reports.)


Other Services Done:

Website Development & Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Facebook and Google Adwords Advertising

Website Hosting

Website SEO

Content creation and copy

Product Package design

Poster design


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