Facebook Advertising for Events Ecommerce and Local Businesses

Full of Grace Marketing / Facebook Advertising for Events Ecommerce and Local Businesses

Get Your Message In front of More People, Faster

Increase your leads, fan base and email list

Get more sales, increase Event attendance and in-store traffic

Target your ideal client and customers who are ready right now to buy from you

Create conversion pixels to build audiences and re-target them later for higher conversions.

Reach your local market

Target your competitors’ fans

Facebook Ads can work for any Business or Event with the right objectives and strategy.

We have been running Facebook ads successfully for Events, Ecommerce stores and local businesses.  We know what makes people click. With campaigns starting from as little as $5/days, we can bring tremendous value to your business.


We recommend split testing very simple interest targeting, so that there is little confusion as to who are your best audiences. This along with running various versions of Ads copies and types.

Facebook Ad Services include:

Thorough research of your current and potential customers

Create graphics and videos needed for the ads

Create multiple Ad copies with compelling headlines

Create and/or Optimize your entire Sales Funnel

Monitor Ads results continuously and optimize as needed

People are interesting and sometimes you can’t predict how they’ll interact with your brand. Running Ads shortens your learning curve, and so we recommend carefully choosing the right objectives for your ads before starting a campaign. Ongoing monitoring and tweaking is definitely needed for a successful Facebook Ad campaign.

What can Facebook Ads do for your business?

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*Minimum monthly advertising budget of $1000 required to get started.