Give Me Just 30 Secs of Your Time

 When you see this image, what do you think?



“Cool! 30 seconds of learning a quick ‘easy’ meal!” We have all shared these videos and have spent countless hours watching these videos (especially at midnight while instead of going to sleep we cry into our pillow because now we are hungry). What is it about these videos that are catching our attention? Why is it that these videos have skyrocketed to popularity?


According to, the average attention span of those in 2015 was 8.25 seconds! That means you have 8 seconds to wow your audience into wanting to watch all that you have to say. Growing up, I had my nose stuck in a book constantly. To this day, I get a rush going into a library or being able to hunt for a good book sale. However, my sister, on the other hand, was the one that would tell my mom, “I’ll just wait until the movie comes out.” Today, most people do not want to sit and read and sift through a novel long article when they can just visually see all they need to know in 1 minute or less.


Tasty, which is a thread to Buzzfeed, has figured this out and has created content that is short, sweet, and to the point. (Rest in peace cookbooks). A lot of other brands and platforms have followed suit. Now many people are advertising their products by utilizing video or moving photos or even the live option on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media has taken a new turn in the marketing world and this is the new evolution of advertisement. By going live, you can take your audience into your world. This feature allows your followers to actually communicate with you in the comments and allows you to see what it is that your audience needs in REAL TIME!

The Fear

With social media evolving so quickly, you may feel like a lot of these things may be over your head. You may be asking, “How am I supposed to record a thirty second video when I obviously do not have the production equipment to set up a proper set?”  

The Secret 


You don’t need multi-million-dollar equipment. Your phone on a stand (or selfie stick) work JUST FINE! Instagram has so many filters and different options to change the clarity of your video, and there are FREE apps that you can use to give your short clip a quality look without the expensive hassle. If you have an Apple product, iMovie is a great tool to utilize to create a fluid film by editing with the easy to use features.


Still Freaked Out?

Speaking on camera is not for everyone??. Even as marketers, we may like hiding behind our laptops and phones, and creating content that does the speaking for us. That is totally fine! Instead, maybe create a moving photo like a GIF or a Boomerang. This will set yourself apart from the other flat content floating around on social media. Isn’t that the point? Setting ourselves apart from the competitors is what we do.   




You Can Do It!

Don’t let it freak you out! As business owners, it is important that you make sure that your content does not get drowned out by all the other noise going on in Social Media. It is only 30 seconds to 1 minute! You do not have to sweat about putting out a long campaign video- just have fun! Do not ever fear something that can be used as a tool to help boost your online performance. Social media is a FREE platform that, when used to its fullest capability, can be so beneficial to your business! So, grab your phone, flip it to selfie mode, and get to recording! We cannot wait to see and learn about you and your business!





About Author Lawson Picasso

My job is to be able to take ideas you have for your business and to create content that projects in a way that brings growth to your company. My success comes from seeing results in the form of your business succeeding. I am a reflection of the company I am working with, and it is my responsibility to represent that company with dignity.