Going “Live” on Social Media Lives Up to the Hype

Going “live” on social media and that little, red blinking light can feel intimidating for some, but with the return on investment it has for your business, you can’t afford not to. According to Social Media Today, “Facebook Live has ten times greater reach than all other forms of Facebook content and earns six times more interactions than pre-recorded video.” Ultimately, that means more eyeballs on your business and products. It’s not about forcing yourself to be uncomfortable for a few minutes in front of a camera; it’s about giving your audience what they want.


Here’s why you should be going live.

  • Showcase your brand’s personality. You’ve heard it before. We support businesses we “know, like and trust.” So, yes! We want to see your friendly face, hear your voice, and most importantly, interact with you every so often.


  • Repurpose your videos. Everyone needs content, right? When you save a live video, you have the opportunity to trim, chop, and create numerous pieces of short-form content to share on various platforms. Valuable content for days…


  • Not to mention, according to Social Media Today, video posts in particular, “generate an average of 59% more engagement than other post types.” That’s a big piece of the pie and a surefire way to outsmart those algorithms.


Ok, but you’ve never done a live video before. Here’s your guide to getting started:

  • Just start. Seriously, go. Now. Overthinking and anxiety are what stop most people from going live the first time. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to be perfect. Hallelujah! Your audience is genuinely interested in learning about you and from you, the real you – quirks and all. And believe us, the more you do it, the easier it’ll get.


  • Don’t play hard to get. This isn’t the time to build up to your lead or be vague. Be sure to hook your audience right away in your video title, caption, as well as your live introduction. We’re scanning and scrolling, so you have mere seconds to capture our attention and tell us why we should tune in. When you first begin, try keeping videos short or less than two minutes. As your audience grows, they’ll stick around longer to hear what you have to say.


  • Experiment. If you don’t know what to discuss, mix it up, and see what gets your audience talking. Try sharing behind-the-scenes from your day, a tutorial or tips, introduce your team and services, or even start a weekly segment or “series” to hold yourself accountable.


Now that you’re a live video pro…


Going live from your phone or desktop is still the fastest and most affordable way to record a live video. But, as you get more comfortable, you may consider investing in some tools to improve the quality of the video you’re delivering. Here are three tools we recommend to help enhance your videos – and you can get them all for under $100 each.

  • A new webcam ensures a bright and clear picture, and can easily be attached to your phone or computer. Logitech Web Cam
  • A tripod stabilizes your shaky, nervous hand while allowing you to get all the angles you need for a different perspective. Phone Tripod
  • A mic will help offer clear sound and remove any unwanted background noise. Choose between a fancy one that will make you look like a “professh” or simply a detachable accessory.


Remember, no special equipment is necessary to have a successful live – just your willingness to try and most importantly, get started.

Have you been going live, or did you go live for the very time? First of all – way to go! Secondly, tell us about it in the comments!




About Author Sarah Douglas