New Year, New Goals: Setting Successful Social Media Goals

New Year, New Goals: Setting Successful Social Media Goals


The New Year brings new beginnings, reflection, and forward thinking. While you
might already have your personal resolutions mapped out, it’s also a great time to
set some goals to benefit the growth of your business, and specifically on social


The return on investment (ROI) of social media efforts still eludes many businesses.
However, it shouldn’t be overlooked in your annual strategy and goal setting
because it’s a tool that can affect several arms of your business from sales to brand
loyalty to customer service.


Setting goals for social media and otherwise, give you an opportunity to guide the
direction you’re going, manage your time, measure your progress, and celebrate
milestones and achievements. Without goals you’re subject to aimless wandering,
not knowing the effectiveness of your efforts, and finding yourself in situations that
do not bring you closer to what you want to achieve.


The best way to tackle your goals is to start – today! View our quick and easy tips to
set achievable and successful social media goals.



Get as specific as possible.
Avoid goals that are broad, vague, and frankly not very motivating. Instead, goals
should be specific, measurable, and timely.
♦ If you have a big goal, break it into smaller, more focused goals or steps to
help you get it done.
♦ Add numbers and percentages, and a baseline to compare your progress.
♦ Time-frames to complete goals should be realistic. Not too short as to create
overwhelm, while not too long to avoid procrastination.
♦ Next, add two or three specific actions that will help you achieve your goals.


Weak Goal:
Increase my “like” count.


Strong Goal:
Add 200 additional Facebook fans between Jan. and March.
Action Items:
♦  Spend $20 in Feb. on Facebook ads to increase brand visibility.
♦  Encourage in-store “likes” and check-ins with marketing signage.


Be realistic but challenge yourself.
The hardest part about setting goals is feeling like a failure when you don’t complete
them. Burnout occurs when you set too many goals or goals that are too broad or
unrealistic in effort or time. Avoid fatigue or giving up too quickly by setting goals that are both attainable and motivating. Goals should be relatively difficult and not so easy that you’re not challenged or stretched.


♦ Take time to think about the past year and what you could improve. Make a
list in order of priority.
♦  Don’t try to accomplish everything at once. Instead, focus on the network or
area you’d most like to develop and set two to three goals.
♦  When determining if a goal is challenging enough, decide why you’re going
after it. Focusing on the outcome or reward will help you identify the steps to
achieve it and give you the motivation to endure the journey.
Set a date and assess.


Be sure to choose tools that offer measurable insight into your progress, and check
in periodically to see how you’re doing. For example, you could do a monthly audit
of the number of new email sign-ups you receive, or the number of sales converted
from your social media accounts.


For longer-term goals, review and evaluate your goals every quarter or bi-annually.
It is helpful to see if your goals or priorities have changed, or if you should add new
goals. Additionally, can you stretch yourself a little more in a particular goal?
Change your goals as necessary for continual growth.


Which social media goals are you setting for your business? Share with us and let us
know what specific steps you’re taking to achieve those goals.