Think Pokémon GO! Is a Big NO? Think Again.

Your Pokémon GO! Questions Answered

Even cheap NBA jerseys if you live under a rock, odds are you have heard (or are living amongst rock-type characters) of the new Pokémon Go App that is attaining the lives of teenagers and adult gamers alike.


Despite the backlash amongst an older crowd, the game has outperformed various apps by being downloaded on more phones than Tinder, receiving further engagement than Snapchat, and acquiring a high percentage of daily active users than Twitter according to data by SimilarWeb. Although you may not feel the need to “catch ‘em all,” your business should.


What is Pokémon Go?  

Pokémon Go is the How free-to-play mobile app that combines location-based tactics and augmented reality (AR) to shift wholesale jerseys the fantasy of To Pokémon hunting into a real-world phenomenon.  The implementation of AR allows users to explore nearby locations in the form of PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms, furthering their quest to be the very best while capturing renowned Pokémon characters.


What is a PokéStop?

 A PokéStop is a particular location in the game where users can grab items and catch Pokémon. PokéStops can be restaurants, outdoor parks, churches etc. From a distance, Pokéstops are displayed as blue cubes. When a user is nearby, the cube transforms into a Pokéball icon. Users tap the plus icon and spin it to receive items such as Pokéballs and eggs to collect different Pokémon, or potions and revives to use in gym battles. Every five minutes, a PokéStop will refresh itself and the user will be able to spin once more to obtain items.


Business owners should take notice if their business is a PokéStop due to the opportunity for increased foot traffic amongst Pokémon Go users. 


What is a Pokémon Gym?

 Pokémon Gyms bring the thrilling action and suspense of a Pokémon battle to life. Before you lace up your running shoes, Pokémon gyms are not necessarily located at actual fitness gyms. Similar to Pokéstops, a Pokémon Gym can be a department store, restaurant, or park as well. At Level 5, users are able to join one out of the three virtual teams known as Team Valor (Red), Team Mystic (Blue), and Team Instinct (Yellow). Once a user has joined a team they are able to battle members of the opposing teams at Pokémon Gyms. Winter If a user wins the Pokémon Battle, the color of the gym icon turns their respective team’s color, thus their team has now “conquered” that individual gym. This is important because the overall objective in Pokémon Go is to control as many gyms for your team as possible. If your team has control over a gym, you and other members of the controlling team are able to train your Pokémon at that singular gym location. The more Pokémon Gyms your team controls, the more opportunities you have to strengthen your Pokémon and become a stronger trainer.


 Business owners should capitalize on Pokémon Gyms by offering different promotions at their business for active Pokémon Go users. For ideas on how to use a Pokémon Gym to your advantage check out this video:

What is a “Lure”?

By the name, you can assume that a lure is a module that is used to attract Pokémon. What you may not know is that a lure not only benefits the user but, users in nearby locations as well. To activate a lure module, users must be at a PokéStop. Once there, a user must tap on the Pokéball icon and then tap on the white space below the name of the PokéStop. A purple PokéStop Module (the lure) will be present at the bottom of the screen. After the user has tapped the PokéStop Module, the PokéStop will now flourish with pink petals, notifying nearby users that Pokémon are being lured in that particular area.


 Lure modules stay active for 30 minutes at a time. However, the more lures you have, the better your chances are for catching different types of Pokémon. A lure module can be received for free as a Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys user level up, or can be bought through the app. If the your business is a PokéStop or is wholesale nfl jerseys in close proximity, a common lure module is an essential tool for luring more customers into your business. Check out this Pokémon Go promotion by BurgerFi!



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