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To Theme or Not to Theme

From a colorful new logo to a new user interface, Instagram has been rolling out a lot of changes. However, the most intriguing change happens to be user-generated. Behold, the rise of the Instagram theme. An Instagram theme is just how it sounds. It is the collection of photos that are similar in color, filter, or particular subjects. When together, the photos create a specific “theme” to the user’s feed.


MD Similar

Photo: @maydesigns

At first glance, the trend is alluring enough to go and create a theme of your own. From famed content creators to various brands, and even the average user, many have followed the trend and transformed their own feeds into a distinct theme. The benefit that comes with cultivating a creative theme is the attraction of thousands of followers, as well as showcasing the user’s own eye for creativity. However, feeds that have followed the trend are likely to adhere to their own guidelines regarding the type of content they post. Ultimately, users with a creative eye will be more likely to photograph anything and easily transition it into their feed, while others may have to limit the type of photos they take in order to maintain the theme.


KVD Theme Change

Photo: @katvondbeauty

As far as themes go, many brands have caught on to the trend and often mix up the theme by changing colors, or incorporating events relevant to their brand image. For brands working towards a larger following, setting up a clean and consistent theme, may prove to be the answer. After all, a good theme always earns a follow from me.



Photo: @laurenconrad

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