You Want To Go Viral: Read This First!

 You Want To Go Viral: Read This First!

These days everyone wants to become the next viral sensation. To have your face or brand spread across every media outlet seems appealing, but do you know what it takes to actually go viral? As a business owner, your main goal is to ensure that your brand has the proper exposure and appeals to your potential customers. How much are you willing to compromise and pay in order to get your time in the spotlight?


What’s Popular

Some of the videos you might see lately may feature the destruction of property, disturbing the peace and even harassment, all for the sake of experiencing 15 minutes of fame. This affects not only the person involved, but also the surrounding area. Social Media stars like ‘Boonk’ for example gain fame for stealing property, destroying places of business and skipping out on payments after service.  These antics  attract empathy for the everyday workers who suffer at the hands of his menacing behavior, but it doesn’t stop people from watching.  Viral trends like this aren’t meant for everyone and carry serious risks and liability.  Can your business sustain the damage?  


What are you paying for?

Some viral sensations are actually performed by paid actors.  Scenarios in controlled environments are also common in today’s viral setting, and would be considered investments for the company paying. If your business decides to participate there are many factors you have to consider.  Who is the person committing the act, what are they known for, and are they respected in the social media community? If none of these questions can be answered or explained then you should be cautious with your investment.  Some business owners only look at the reach an influencer has, but not how they are actually influencing people.


This Range Rover was purposely vandalized and left on the street of a busy shopping district in London.

Can you pull it off?

     Going viral isn’t as simple as most think. Land Rover had an unconventional way of advertising a new car model by vandalizing the vehicle in the name of a scorned ex-partner.  This photo went viral because of the extreme condition of the car and the reasoning behind it being destroyed. In this instance, the act of cheating is something everyday people can relate to. The brand Land Rover is associated with wealth and the people who can afford to drive a Range Rover must be successful and wealthy. This incident showed that those people with wealth have the same problems.  This is an example of a negative situation working in favor of the brand.  This was a planned campaign used to advertise the newest model of the Range Rover and it was successful.  Whenever this photo was mentioned, the model of the car was as well.  

      Before you start planning your own stunt ask yourself, does your brand have the resources to pull off something so extravagant? Are you certain that your brand will have the same comical and relatable reception? [Will your ideal target audience find this funny,offensive?]  Just because it worked once doesn’t mean it will work again.

A New York model was captured stealing from the tip jar.

She never expected to viral

Accidental Exposure

Sometimes going viral can happen completely by accident.  Scenarios created in the spur of the moment or captured by chance are common in the viral circle.  These videos usually appeal to the senses and draw the viewer in by relating to their everyday lives. They also engage the viewers’ moral compass. A recent incident would be the video of a New York Model stealing out of an uber driver’s tip jar.  The amount of backlash she received from angry online users was unexpected and overwhelming for something she did in the heat of the moment.  This accident will live on through the internet even as time passes.

     Now that you see what going viral actually entails one question remains:  Is it what you really want to do? There are ways to advertise your business without breaking the bank or your moral compass and here at Full of Grace are more than willing to help.  Contact us for Social Media consulting and managing. If you have any questions regarding social media advertising and strategies, leave a comment below.

About Author Jailyn Mitchell

Jailyn is a Senior at UTSA and is currently studying marketing. She hopes to become a social and digital media professional.