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We know that some questions are vital to be answered when selecting the right digital marketing partner. Making sure they are transparent, experienced, and qualified is an essential part of your research. To help, we are sharing some of the most common questions we get asked as a firm.

  • What services do you currently offer?
    We are a full-service marketing agency focused on our core services: social media marketing, website management, and email marketing. Within social media marketing, we specialize in social media management, and social media training and Meta advertising campaigns. Ask us about our other services including photography and video marketing.
  • Do you run paid advertising campaigns?
    Yes! We specifically run Facebook and Instagram (Meta) ad campaigns for current social media management clients only. Organic vs Paid Ads: We lead with organic content to build our client’s reputation online and trust first. Paid ads give our organic content an extra boost to what we are already doing online. Their consistent brand awareness has been the driving force behind their success. Ads campaigns complement their organic online activity and reach a broader audience.
  • What’s included in social media management?
    Our goal is to keep your business in front of your audience, and this includes posting to multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and more. Our social media management packages include: creating a content calendar aligned with your goals, content creation, video creation, Reels videos, community engagement, social media analytics, and more. All packages include some Meta ad campaign spend.
  • How long does it take to onboard if we become a client?
    We start out with a kickoff meeting to get to know you, your team, and your business; and we introduce the team from our agency that will be working with you. Two weeks following our kickoff meeting, we meet again to present your social media strategy and content calendar. Once we get your feedback and editing suggestions about the content, we can get started by managing your brand online!
  • What’s the agency’s main form of communication?
    We communicate via email 80% of the time and occasionally need to call you on the phone to discuss different updates. Our meeting format is always on Zoom.
  • What platforms do you create content for?
    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube videos, Google My Business, and TikTok.
  • Do you respond to comments and messages for us?
    Yes! It’s essential to respond to every comment on social media, and we take this seriously. Our full social media management packages include community engagement.
  • What’s the ROI of social media marketing?
    Social media marketing will drive brand awareness and relevance in the competitive digital landscape. We track important data so you can measure your progress. ROI (return on investment) means something different for every client. The best ROI comes from an increase in engagement, link clicks, website traffic from social media, and leads. Our clients have seen an increase in donations, volunteers, speaking engagements, and partnerships within their organizations. ROI comes in all shapes and sizes, let’s get started and track your results!
  • What if I can’t afford your social media management services?
    Don’t worry, we have a personalized one-on-one social media training service that starts at $497 per month. It is designed for individual business owners who are just getting started. Make sure to head over to our Social Media Training service page to read more!
  • What does your billing structure look like? Payment terms and contracts?
    Recurring clients are billed every month on the same day. Billing is always paid in advance of the service month, we have a 30-day notice cancellation policy. Our one-time projects are started with a 50% deposit. 25% is due after the first draft of the project and the rest of the balance is due at the end of the project.
  • What if I already have my brand established and I need a website update?
    Yes, we offer website updates and management if your brand is already established. We understand that sometimes businesses start out with freelancers and then come to an agency to provide all their marketing needs under one company. It's essential to keep your website updated monthly and SEO working for you, that's why we offer hourly website management packages that meet your unique business needs.
  • Can you create branding around the logo I already have?
    Yes! Our first question is, do you love your current logo? If not we can discuss a rebrand. If yes, we can work with your brand kit, keeping the brand consistent across all of your marketing platforms.
  • I’m already established, what can you offer me?
    Congrats on growing your business! Most of our clients are successful brands that we enhance on a monthly basis to keep them in front of the right audiences. We would love to help keep your brand consistent on all social media platforms by providing monthly social media management services. We can keep your website up to date monthly with our website management services and start creating fresh email marketing campaigns with our ongoing email marketing services. Get started today!
  • What size of the business do you usually work with?
    We usually work with businesses with a team of about 5-10 employees or contractors. These businesses do not have an in-house marketing person on their team. That’s why it’s essential that we partner with them and cover all their marketing needs! We usually work with 3 categories of businesses: Home Services, Non-Profit Organizations, and Product or E-commerce Companies.
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