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Explore Four Essential Email Marketing Strategies To Unlock Your Business Success

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Whoever said email was dead…is dead wrong.  More than 64% of small businesses use email marketing to not only reach and persuade customers, but manage their brand in a cost-effective way. Though there are various types of email that small business owners can use to increase leads and nurture customer relationships, we lay out four main ones that can be beneficial for your business.

No. 1 - Email Newsletters

Newsletters are the most popular form of email marketing, offering a direct means to keep your audience engaged with the latest updates, news, and business offers, along with valuable insider information. For many of our customers, receiving an overflow of daily emails can be overwhelming; thus, newsletters are an excellent strategy for maintaining audience engagement on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. For some businesses, sending quarterly newsletters proves to be more effective, allowing them to curate meaningful and engaging content without overwhelming their audience with constant updates.

No. 2 - Retention Emails

These types of emails are perfect for boosting customer loyalty and enhancing engagement. They allow you to tailor messages to existing customer segments, seeking feedback and maintaining their interest in your brand's products/services. In other words, retention emails help you maintain your customers, increase their satisfaction with your businesses, and even receive referrals. Think of retention emails as a way to hook you back into the brand or business with a special and unique offer. 

A phone with a promotional email from Shopify, welcoming the new email marketing message.

No. 3 - Promotional Emails

The primary objective of promotional emails is to convert subscribers into customers, and later, into brand advocates. Unlike transactional emails that convey order or account information, promotional emails can reward engaged subscribers with exclusive deals, and introduce new products or services to subscribers. Make sure you use these emails strategically to drive engagement and foster brand loyalty.

No. 4 - Transactional Emails

Transactional emails may not be the most favorable type, but they're a powerhouse in email marketing, facilitating expected transactions between senders and recipients. Whether it's a warm welcome, a reassuring confirmation, or a nudge about a forgotten cart, these emails are all about keeping customers in the loop. When creating this type of email, keep it clear and to the point, send it ASAP while it's fresh in their mind, and of course, ensure your transactional emails align with your brand for a cohesive marketing vibe.

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