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Five main types of content to achieve your social media goals in 2023

When creating your social media strategy and determining your social media goals, the key component will always be content. Content is how you connect and interact with new customers and loyal clients. It is the bridge between brands and their audience and how we measure how our followers respond to our brand. Though there are many different ways to create and showcase content, here we give you the 5 main types of content that are mostly used today and have effectively reached our client's social media goals.

No. 1 Video Thanks to platforms like YouTube and TikTok, videos have become one of the essential types of content in social media. Although some people continue to favor photos and links for their posts, 54% of marketers believe video is greatly valuable for achieving social media goals. They are popular now because video helps increase sales, drives website traffic, and gives users a better understanding of your product or service. In fact, 91% of businesses will use video as a marketing tool in 2023. Likewise, video content is more community-focused, builds engagement, and helps your brand become valuable over time. On Instagram, videos get 49% more engagement than photo posts, while tweets have 10 times more engagement than those without. But the main reason videos (especially short vertical videos) are so popular in social media is that they are easily shareable, are more personal, and no longer need to be very polished. The more organic videos perform, the best. This adds relatability, which viewers appreciate greatly. Video content is also reusable!

No. 2 Images

Although videos are taking over, images are still vital in social media and leave a lasting impression. People prefer to view pictures or images over reading hundreds of words because they are convenient, accessible, and concise. An image is a quick way to communicate with your viewers all they need to know about your brand. It is no secret that Instagram is the platform that continues to be the leader in sharing millions of photos. However, we can also take Pinterest as an example of how impactful images can be. Only 20% of consumers follow brands on Pinterest; nevertheless, most Pinterest users aren’t searching for a brand but rather inspiration, and this gives brands an opportunity to be creative, stand out, and stay in the viewers' minds enough to be saved on a board or be shared as a pin. Likewise, Pinterest is a search engine and social media platform, taking the best of both worlds into one channel to increase views, website traffic, and engagement through a single image.

No. 3 Text-based content

A picture can say a thousand words. A video can show a thousand images. But, as creative as they can be, it is important to let your audience know what they are viewing. That’s where words come in. Words have power, and they need the same attention and consistency that is given to other content formats. No one has proven this more than Twitter. Using text, you can create a tone and voice aligned with your visual brand and help you stand out on social media. An authentic, conversational, fun brand voice is essential to attracting followers and increasing engagement. Why? Because the written content is the most direct way to give your audience information about your new products or services. Furthermore, written content proves that 52% of consumers stay up to date on company news, also known as a loyal following.

No. 4 Stories

The sole purpose of stories is community connectedness, and 73% of people in the United States confirm this. Stories are interactive, and their short-time nature creates high engagement from consumers. Using stickers, interactive elements, location tags, filters, and sounds, you can use stories to make fun videos or images. It is the type of content where you get to showcase your brand’s personality on a daily basis and create a sense of unity with your audience. In other words, it humanizes your brand!

No. 5 Live Videos

The last type of content to showcase your brand’s personality and reach your goals is live videos. Through them, you can broadcast conversations, include performances, conduct Q&As, host webinars, and other virtual events. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube showed that 85% of their users were connected through live videos. Furthermore, live videos can help showcase your brand’s responsiveness by allowing your audience to ask questions, comment and react instantly to your content. This type of content was particularly popular during the 2020 pandemic because it provided a sense of togetherness that people craved and still crave today. Live video gives you an opportunity to connect with your followers and hear directly from them!


Interested in trying out these types of content for your brand’s social media strategy? Connect with Full of Grace Marketing and take advantage of our Social Media Coaching, or schedule a free consultation call.


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