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The Power of Consistency

Every business wants to succeed in its social media marketing efforts, but for a business to become successful, its brand must become recognizable. Today for a brand to be recognized, it must first learn to be consistent.

Though it can be overwhelming at times, being consistent can increase your business’s presence on your digital marketing channels and build trust with your audience. Let’s explore how you can build a true connection by applying consistency in three areas of your brand: its identity, its voice, and its frequency.

1. Consistency with Branding

To get a full visual of any brand’s identity, you must first decide your brand’s mission or purpose, determine its values based on the purpose, then strategically choose a set of colors to create a logo and tagline that represents those values. All of these elements help encompass a brand's identity and are used to create a more cohesive visual. Every ad, promotion, social media post, email, website, or account a business uses is developed based on its brand identity. It should be easily identifiable because of the use of consistency with its image and brand assets. Think of any major brand you buy from; ask yourself why they are so distinguishable. Is it because they have carefully curated a brand identity that speaks specifically to them? Being able to effectively market any brand, comes from consistently showing the public its, logo, tagline, mission, or values across multiple mediums.

“ A business cannot become recognizable if an individual cannot immediately identify the brand on any medium.”- Full of Grace Marketing Team

2. Consistency with Voice

Creating messaging for a business can be challenging when you do not have a clear representation of a brand’s voice. Think of this as a brand's personality. Ask yourself: is it fun and friendly? Is it mature and serious? Is it trendy and witty? Or, is it professional and straightforward? A brand’s voice needs to be consistent for the messaging to shine through, whether it is digital or print. Whatever is decided, make sure your business's unique messaging represents the personality of the brand. Keep it consistent!

3. Consistency with Frequency

When it comes to posting on your brand’s marketing platforms (such as social media pages, website, email campaigns, etc.), think about what the business is showcasing and how often it is being posted or published. According to Pew Research Center, 85% of Americans go online at least once a day, and half of them are getting online multiple times a day. Increasing post frequency and posting more than once a day is crucial when aiming to gain recognition. Every brand’s target audience is being fed a multitude of posts countless times a day through more than one platform. They are not going to remember what was posted until they see it more than once, this is marketing after all. Use this as an excuse for your brand to try out new, drafted, or repurposed content!

Now that you are aware of why being consistent with your brand’s presence is important, where do you start? It is important to have your brand’s purpose and mission in mind before you plan or organize what content to share on your marketing channels. At Full of Grace Marketing, consistency is one of our core values and one of the main tools our digital marketing team uses to create brand awareness for our clients. We specialize in helping businesses and non-profits increase their presence in all their digital marketing efforts. Learn more about our social media management services and let’s get started.

Happy posting!



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