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20 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

Many small business owners think that using social media is just to share a post here and there, and it will automatically bring in the sales, brand awareness and engagement with their brand. In reality, social media success depends on how you strategize and manage the content, and doing so can be time-consuming and expensive.

Here are 20 reasons why you should outsource your social media marketing:

  1. Development, implementation, and management of social media strategies

  2. Developing and managing a monthly content calendar

  3. Manage, create and publish original, high-quality content

  4. Conducting buyer persona research

  5. Building an online community

  6. Monitoring brand mentions

  7. Measuring the success of social media campaigns

  8. Early adoption of new social media and technology

  9. Collaborating with copywriters, designers, marketing, sales, products, and development teams

  10. Tracking and analyzing results to provide effective solutions for content optimizations

  11. Prepare weekly and monthly reports

  12. Monitoring current social media trends

  13. Designing, managing, and organizing brand assets, photography, and graphics

  14. Incorporating different creative assets; video, gifs, animation, etc.

  15. Creating paid ad placements

  16. Increasing followers and engagements

  17. Leveraging social media to promote marketing initiatives and strategies

  18. Handling all commenting and direct messaging across all social channels

  19. Engaging with influencers and initiating conversations with industry leaders on social

  20. Establishing and reinforcing brand voice and social media identity

Need help? We’ll handle all of these tasks for you, so you can get back to business. Know more about our Social Media Management services.

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