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Social Media Management vs Social Media Marketing

By now we all know that social media has become one of the most powerful tools in marketing. It is more than just sharing and posting. For social media to become a successful ally to your business, full handling must be applied to every social network you use. This is when social media marketing and social media management come in.

At first glance, these terms seem to mean the same thing. And, though they do work together, they work with different areas of social media.

What is Social Media Management?

The title says it all: it manages your social media accounts. When we handle our client’s social media platforms, we analyze the target audience that visits and engages with that account, we create content to keep that target market entertained, we schedule when that content is shared so that our audience sees it at the optimal time, and we communicate (engage) with our target audience whenever they have a reaction towards our content (comments, DM’s, shares, likes). Social media management focuses on managing content across all social media accounts and making sure we are relevant to our target audiences and authentic in our voice.

What is Social Media Marketing?

It basically analyses and strategizes the way you manage your platforms. Social media marketing is just digital marketing applied to social media networks. That’s it. The main reason companies and brands use social media is to grow their business; thus, it is important to include social media marketing within your business’ marketing plan because it focuses on generating leads through your social media networks.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

To put it in simpler words, social media management is focused on the content, voice, and growth of your online brand awareness. Social media marketing is focused on selling your brand online in the best possible way and analyzing lead generation from the strategy applied.

Social media is all about an intentional, authentic digital presence that provides value to your audience and helps your business grow.

Who offers social media management? Well, of course, we do! Let us help you humanize your brand and attract more customers with organic social media content management. Visit our website to learn more about our Social Media Management package!

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