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3 Brands that have Successful Digital Marketing Strategies

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Learning from the success of others can be beneficial for your business because they often can inspire us to keep going, change a few things in our own strategies and help us learn from their results. With so many options online, applying the right strategy for your digital marketing is a continuous process. The following list shows 3 brands that have embodied digital marketing methods and how it has helped them bring out the best in their campaigns, providing engaging content and creating experiences that help people understand their business.

No. 1 Zappos Zappos is one of the leading online shoe brands. They are known for their excellent customer care and you can see that in the way they create and share their content online. Their digital marketing strategies focus on what the customer wants and needs, offering a 12-month money-back guarantee for their customers and sharing their customer stories in their social media marketing efforts. This allows customers to spread the word about their brand, and, in return, promoting their products becomes easier and more widespread. Zappo teaches us that, content marketing must be directly tied to your end-user experience to be effective. Check out the variety of content on their Instagram page and their user-generated content approach.

No. 2 Mint This brand knows how to stand out in the crowd because the personal finance industry is one of the most saturated fields in today’s world. Mint offers a way to keep track of your money with fresh, high-quality content from informative blog posts to attention-grabbing infographics, supporting their goal to help individuals and businesses expand their financial muscles. Because of this, the platform gained a massive online following before being bought by Intuit for $170 million. Mint teaches that content marketing takes time and money to succeed and get your consumers’ attention.

No. 3 JetBlue One of the biggest mistakes companies make is having a tendency to only self-promote on their social media platforms. People follow brands because they bring solutions, have credible information, and want to interact with them in real-time. JetBlue got the memo and took to Twitter to instead of posting fare discounts, use their customers’ handles to answer quick questions for all to see and share. Its popularity created a whole new social media trend for other companies to include in their digital marketing campaigns. JetBlue teaches us to balance our self-promotional methods with useful information that our customers can benefit from. Interacting with your followers increases brand awareness, credibility, and, above all, trust. Follow and learn from JetBlue on their Twitter account.

Creating and implementing new strategies in your digital marketing is crucial. At Full of Grace Marketing, we allow our clients to be in the driver’s seat and take control of their digital marketing campaigns with our Social Media Coaching packages, as they enjoy hands-on, supportive training and key insights every time we meet, no matter where they are in their business.

Book a free consultation and get started on creating a successful digital marketing campaign for your business!

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