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Why is Google My Business Vital to Your Business?

Google My Business is vital to your business no matter the type; service based, product based, B2B, etc.

Local Online Visibility

Your business will be easier to find on Google, with your business address, contact phone number, and more listed for public view. We believe that Google My Business is important to your business for more than just your contact information. Did you know that you can actually post to Google?

Post Directly to Google

Add Google to your list of business socials! Your posts will be viewed whenever someone searches your business on the right-hand side of the search page, below your business’ contact information and Google reviews. This is so important with getting your message out there and reaching your target audience. We have heard many say they have no more slow days once utilizing this tool, and the number of views on posts continue to increase because everyone who searches for your business can view your social posts directly on Google.

Verify Your Business

Many will search for your business on social media, but even more will be searching for you via the largest search engine in the world, Google. Google My Business is a free tool every business has the ability to be using. Google reviews are a constant reminder of just how impactful you and your team are to your community. Once on Google My Business your business will now be found by locals and achieve online recognition for on lookers.

Are you utilizing Google My Business? If so, let us know how it has changed your business for the better.

Need help reaching your audience on social or Google My Business? Reach out today.

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