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3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Social Media Makeover

In 2021, there were 4.48 billion social media users, with the average person engaged with approximately six social media platforms, making it the number one channel of communication between brands and their target audience. This type of engagement is possible thanks to brands adding new digital strategies to their marketing plans and campaigns. One of those strategies was giving their social media presence a much-needed makeover.

From refreshing your icons, to changing colors, fonts, and graphics with your signature brand style, having a social media makeover can fortify your brand’s presence and consistency in an ever-changing industry. We’re sharing three of the main reasons why you should add this strategy to your social media plan to benefit your business.

Reason no. 1 | It clarifies your brand’s purpose

Understanding the ‘why’ in your brand will guide and reflect in the content you share. This helps you know how you want to show up and engage on your platforms, how you want your audience to view you, which platforms are right for you, and, ultimately, what you want to achieve with each network.

Reason no. 2 | It establishes measurable social media goals

Whether you need more sales, more leads, more engagement or seek to build a community, a social media makeover can help you set a target and a timeline that aligns with your business's short and long-term wants and needs. (Snowdrop Solution, 2021) You can then use what you’ve learned to help better understand your audience and their behavior towards your brand and your competitors.

Reason no. 3 | It modernizes your brand’s identity

Much like humans, brands develop their personality with time, as they mature. Think about how Instagram’s logo symbolizes the evolution from a simple photo-sharing platform to a multimedia network. Your brand’s unique style involves core values, mission, and the vision of its founders. (Chamorro-Premuzic, 2020) But, that doesn't mean that vision can’t evolve. Social media makeovers can help you reset what your organization currently stands for, and what benefits your services and products will provide consumers.

Whether you’re just starting or have been "winging it" in social media, an audit and makeover can help bring brand clarity and consistency across your social channels. Give your social media an upgrade with new branded graphics, content, and the guidance you need to explore new platforms. Learn more about how you can start your social media makeover journey with us!



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