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5 Reasons Home Services Companies Should Have A Great Social Media Presence

Social media has become so big and so present in our everyday lives that it is no longer seen as a “nice to have” marketing initiative. Businesses that, in the past, were successful with traditional marketing had to adapt and include social media marketing in their strategies to stay relevant and keep their businesses running. Whether you think social media is the best thing ever or the absolute worst, the reality is that people connect with companies on social media every day. It can’t be ignored any longer.

Home services companies are not the exception to this, and we want to share five reasons why having a great social media presence should be included in your home services business marketing strategies.

No. 1 It makes it easy to find your business online. According to the data, consumers are now five times more likely to do their searches on social media when they are in the market for some type of home service. Of these consumers, 3% are Baby Boomers, and 15% are Gen Zers. Most of these consumers will be drawn to companies with eye-catching and polished social media profiles rather than sloppy ones. A solid social media presence can help a recently founded company gain more traction to almost be at the same level as an established company with no social media profiles. Use some of our home service clients as an example, and you be the judge of their online presence! MUSE Residential, Republic Tree Service.

No. 2 It gets you more reviews and better customer service. Because consumers have a direct relationship with companies through social media, you have direct access to what they really think of your brand. Instead of sending an email to ask for a review, your audience can leave their thoughts about your services through a comment, a tag in a post, or a DM (direct message) on any social media platform. In fact, 22% of this survey's respondents said they mainly write reviews for home services on Facebook. These reviews can be seen by other customers doing their research and even help them decide whether or not they want to hire your services. So make sure you give your audience a reason to write positively about your brand. The best news? You can automate your request for reviews with 3rd party software. See how our client went from a handful of reviews to over 390+ reviews on Google My Business.

No. 3 Allows your company to create a relationship with your customers. A significant advantage of social media is sharing behind-the-scenes looks at job sites and projects and sharing your company's values. The behind-the-scenes content of what your company does daily helps foster relationships with your customers, and they know exactly what it’s like to work with your business. For example, as a home remodeling company, instead of showing only the stunning before and after transformations, sharing what it’s like to live through a remodel or the construction process gives your potential clients a better understanding of your company and experience.

No. 4 It creates brand awareness and gains new leads. One of the main reasons people turn to social media when researching brands and service providers are that these channels make it easy for businesses to share helpful content. Through it, you are showing your potential customers that you know what you’re talking about and are trustworthy. Creating informative and engaging content sets your business apart from competitors and creates brand awareness among other experts, vendors, and potential clients. A social media strategy can be implemented in all industries; these practices can help you market your brand better, smarter, and more efficiently. Furthermore, through selective targeting for advertising or acting as an online portfolio for your company, social media has become a hotspot for lead generation.

No. 5 It helps your advertising pocket. Advertising your business on social media isn’t have the same advertising budget as traditional media, and it’s easy to reach specific groups of people with your message and a smaller budget. With most platforms offering inexpensive ways to run advertising campaigns, social media has become its own advertising haven, and most companies are missing out on directly reaching their target audience by not using it. With specific goals such as gaining more leads, increasing brand awareness, or gaining more engagement, the social media advertising industry has become one of the main tools for small businesses to get their names in front of new eyes and attract new business.

Rather than replace traditional marketing, social media has become another branch of marketing as a whole. It is here to stay, and the research proves it. Businesses of all kinds, from B2C (business-to-consumer) to B2B (business-to-business), are optimizing their social footprint to capture and convert more customers. More home service businesses are utilizing social media marketing as a lead source and gaining traction.

Even today, in 2022, some home services have decided to hold off on social media; what will be your decision? As we mentioned, it’s an equal playing field, with newer innovative companies outperforming established firms because of their social media marketing. Don’t get left behind.

If you want to implement social media for your business but don’t know where to start, Full of Grace Marketing can help. We specialize in this and working with home service providers! You can either start here or go here if you already have your social media profiles but feel like they need a makeover.

We’d also love you to review some of our award-winning home service clients and their social media presence. Virtuoso Builders, MUSE Residential, Republic Tree Service, and Cool Mark Heating & Air.



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