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3 Benefits of Having a Landing Page

A person in front of a computer seeing the landing page of MailChimp website.

Contrary to popular belief, a landing page does not substitute your main website. It can be included in it, or it can stand alone. The true purpose of a landing page is to generate leads for a certain marketing campaign. And although there are several ways to generate leads, like social media, content marketing, and paid ads, landing pages offer a one-stop-shop for a specific action. This does not mean that you should stop focusing on bringing traffic to your website (if you have one); quite the opposite. Your website aims to direct users to other pages for more information. Your landing page will help visitors keep their focus on what they want and search for your business/brand information with limited and simple navigation.

According to Unbounce, 1 in 10 people who arrive at a landing page will become potential customers or leads. This number might not seem as much at first, but (for example) if 10,000 people visit your landing page, 1,000 of them could become leads. That’s quite a big number for small-t0-medium-sized companies. Now, look at three main benefits of having a landing page:

No. 1 | A Landing Page Increases Conversions + Generates Insights

Landing pages are a CTA (Call-To-Action) destination. This invites visitors to take action (usually through filling out a form) on a specific goal, and this action is the conversion from visitors to leads which equals more customers for your business. Likewise, your landing page is linked to a campaign, a piece of content, or a source that collects this data and generates insights into your target audience’s user behavior, allowing you to see which topics and offerings are most interesting to that audience, which channels they prefer to use more, and/or which campaigns perform the highest. You can create a more targeted and personalized marketing strategy with this information.

No. 2 | A Landing Page Increases Credibility + Email List

As users, we don’t like to jump from one link to another to search for one piece of information or one place to reach out to brands or businesses. Landing pages are usually one click away and easy to navigate, giving users all the information they need and making them feel more secure in their decision to take action. This builds trust in your brand, motivating visitors to subscribe to your email list and know more about what you can offer. Furthermore, you can add testimonials to your landing pages, indicating the success that other people have had with the product or service your landing page campaign is focused on.

No. 3 | A Landing Page Supports Your Business Goals

All your strategies aim to increase your business’ clientele and revenue, and this is a fact. Landing pages greatly help with that through targeted campaigns for a new product or service. They can also benefit your goals when wanting to reach out to a new niche, target a new social media channel for your audience, or focus on launching a new event in the near future.


When creating your landing page, think about how you want to facilitate your visitors’ navigation through a specific action you want them to take. Plan ahead and prepare a landing page for a certain campaign. If you need a helping hand, feel free to contact us at Full of Grace Marketing for full website development or a landing page.

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